Fidget Pad – Mini Game Pad for Stress Relief

Fidget Pad or Fidget Pad Controller is like the Fidget Cube but has the shape of tiny video game controllers. The buttons, gears, joysticks, and sliders can be manipulated to keep your hands and fingers busy allowing for increased concentration and stress relief.

Stress toys such as the Fidget pads have certainly been on the rise, as there is a thrive in schools and workplaces across the world for them now. For people that suffer from anxiety easily, the Fidget Pad can work wonders to help reduce your stress levels in kind of situation where a strong level of concentration is required for a short period of time.

What does original Fidget Pad have?


Made of safe and environmentally friendly ABS material, non-poisonous, waterproof and firm, ergonomic, durable and resistant to falling and collision


Easy to use, this fidget has many functions, such as click, twist, rotate, rub and move. It is very suitable for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder and autism. It can help them eliminate anxiety and help them relieve stress


No matter where you are, go shopping, stand in line, watch favorite TV shows, look up at the sky or sit on the sofa for a rest, we can take this fidgety tool and play with it constantly, keeping us relaxed and happy


Let’s go back to the beginning of the 20th century, holding our favorite game pad with colorful buttons. Using the most classic game handle shape, with colorful buttons on it


It is a very suitable gift for both adults and children. It can not only make children have great fun with this toy and let them leave electronic products, but also help adults to reduce pressure


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