Mastering Total War: Warhammer – Essential Tips for New Players

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Total War – Warhammer offers an exhilarating blend of grand strategy and epic battles set in the fantastical Warhammer universe. For newcomers to the series, the game can be overwhelming with its complex mechanics and diverse factions. Fear not, for we have compiled a list of essential tips to help you navigate the world of Total War: Warhammer and emerge victorious. Whether you’re waging wars, managing provinces, or commanding fearsome armies, these tips will set you on the path to becoming a seasoned Warhammer general.

  1. Understanding Corruption and Public Order:
    In Total War: Warhammer, corruption can be a game-changer. Certain races have the ability to spread corruption, which can lead to significant public order issues in neighboring regions. To counteract this, construct buildings that fight corruption, deploy edicts in fully conquered regions, or station heroes and agents with untainted skills in affected areas. Keeping corruption in check is crucial for maintaining stability within your territories.
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  2. Optimize Your Building Strategy:
    Provincial capitals and minor settlements have different building capacities. Provincial capitals offer seven building slots, allowing for higher-tier buildings, while minor settlements provide only three slots with a maximum of tier three buildings. To optimize your province, focus on building chains that can only achieve tier three in minor settlements, while reserving higher-tier buildings for the provincial capital. This strategy ensures efficient growth and resource allocation.
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  3. Utilize Ambush Stance for Tactical Advantage:
    The Ambush stance can be a potent tactic on the campaign map. When in Ambush stance, your army remains hidden until an enemy unit enters its area of control. This allows you to surprise unsuspecting foes and gain the upper hand in battles. Mastering the art of ambushing can lead to decisive victories and the disruption of enemy forces.
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  4. Weigh the Risks of Forced March:
    Forced March stance provides increased movement range on the campaign map, enabling you to cover greater distances quickly. However, it comes with significant risks. Units in Forced March cannot initiate battles, recruit, or retreat when attacked. Losing an army in Forced March means complete annihilation. Carefully assess the situation before opting for Forced March and prioritize the safety of your forces.
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  5. Skirmish and Guard Mode for Ranged Units:
    Skirmish mode, when enabled for ranged units, causes them to automatically retreat from incoming enemies, even if other friendly units could engage in direct combat. Disable Skirmish mode to maintain control over the positioning of your ranged units. On the other hand, Guard mode ensures that units hold their ground and do not pursue fleeing enemies. Understanding and managing these modes will enhance your tactical flexibility on the battlefield.
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  6. Exploit Monsters’ Strengths in Sieges:
    In siege battles, monstrous units can be incredibly effective in breaching enemy defenses. Most monstrous units possess exceptional speed and can destroy gates swiftly. As regular units can instantly use ladders to scale walls, it’s often advantageous to charge the walls with monstrous units and initiate a combined assault with the rest of your forces. This strategy bypasses the need for lengthy siege equipment construction.
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  7. Master the Charge Bonus:
    Charge bonus is a valuable asset for cavalry and certain monstrous units. It provides a temporary damage boost for a limited time after charging into combat. To maximize the effectiveness of your charge bonus, charge head-on, wait for the bonus to take effect, then pull your units out to avoid prolonged melee engagements. Cycle charging allows you to inflict maximum damage while keeping your mobile troops agile.
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  8. Draw Custom Unit Paths for Precise Maneuvers:
    When maneuvering units for flanking or complex movements, you can draw custom paths for them to follow. Simply select the units, hold down the Shift key, and right-click and drag to create a unique path. This feature enables you to maintain precise control over unit positioning, granting you a tactical advantage in battles.
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  9. Lock Unit Formations for Battle:
    Total War: Warhammer has a tendency to disrupt unit formations during battles, leading to frustration and inefficiency. To prevent this, you can lock unit formations on the battlefield. Create a group by selecting the units and pressing Ctrl+G. Once locked, the units will maintain their exact formation. Additionally, holding down Alt and dragging your units allows for easy movement in formation.
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  10. Prioritize Morale Management:
    Morale plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of battles. Each unit has a morale bar, and when it depletes, the unit routs, essentially becoming useless. Instead of focusing solely on killing every enemy unit, consider targeting their morale through spells or continuous ranged attacks. Lowering morale can lead to mass routs, reducing the number of units you need to deal with.

Warhammer is a captivating strategy game that demands tactical prowess and strategic thinking. By familiarizing yourself with the mechanics of corruption, optimizing your building strategies, utilizing stances effectively, and mastering battle tactics, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a formidable Warhammer general. Embrace these tips, adapt your playstyle, and immerse yourself in the epic battles and grand campaigns that Total War: Warhammer has to offer. Prepare for war, rally your forces, and embark on a journey of conquest in the war-torn lands of Warhammer! If you’re interested in collecting items from this game, check out our website for shopping.

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