Mastering Top Lane: Discovering the Secrets of High Elo Players

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Have you ever wondered what sets high elo top laners apart from the rest? Are you eager to improve your skills in the top lane and climb the ranks? In this blog, we will delve into the secrets of being a successful top laner by examining the differences between good and bad players. Through insightful examples and analysis, we will explore key aspects such as mechanics, macro play, and champion knowledge. So, let’s dive right in and unlock the potential that lies within the top lane!

  • The Importance of Level 1: One of the crucial elements that separates good top laners from their counterparts is their understanding and utilization of level 1 power spikes. Let’s take an example of a Silver 1 Urgot facing a Pantheon top with Ignite. Urgot, known for having one of the strongest level ones in the game, should have taken advantage of this by engaging in an all-in trade. However, in the gameplay, we observe that Urgot fails to capitalize on his level 1 strength. He misses opportunities to trade back when Pantheon pokes him with Q and neglects to use his own abilities effectively. Good top laners, on the other hand, possess a deep understanding of their champion’s power spikes and capitalize on them to gain an early advantage.
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  • Wave Control and Priority: Another crucial aspect that distinguishes top laners is their ability to control the waves and establish lane priority. Let’s examine a high elo Trundle player named “Trundle Top” who demonstrates exemplary wave management. Before laning even begins, Trundle recognizes that Shen, his opponent, is stronger at level 1 due to his passive shield and Ignite. Trundle engages Shen and surprises us by winning the level 1 trade despite Shen’s advantages. This showcases the importance of understanding matchups and power dynamics in the top lane. Furthermore, good top laners are adept at manipulating the waves to their advantage, ensuring they have priority and opportunities for roams, recalls, or jungle invades.
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  • Small Details, Big Impact: In the top lane, success lies not only in the macro game but also in the mastery of small details specific to each champion. Let’s look at the example of TF Blade playing Jax against Camille. TF Blade expertly uses Jax’s E ability to block Camille’s passive shield and trades effectively in the early levels, establishing lane dominance. He strategically pushes the waves to gain a level and item advantage, enabling him to control the lane and dictate the tempo of the game. Additionally, knowledge of champion-specific mechanics, like buffering Urgot’s E with Flash for a quick engage or utilizing abilities that grant displacement immunity, such as Illaoi’s R, separates good top laners from the rest. These small yet impactful details make a significant difference in securing kills, surviving ganks, and overall outplaying opponents.
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Becoming a proficient top laner requires a combination of mechanical prowess, macro understanding, and champion-specific knowledge. By paying attention to details such as level 1 power spikes, wave control, and champion-specific mechanics, you can elevate your gameplay and join the ranks of high elo top laners. Remember, the path to mastery is paved with practice, perseverance, and a commitment to continuous improvement. So, embrace the challenge, analyze your gameplay, seek educational resources, and let your journey to top lane excellence begin!

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