Slicing and Dicing: IGN’s Top 10 Devil May Cry Bosses of All Time

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In the Devil May Cry series, Dante Nero and Virgil have faced off against a wide array of bosses, each with their unique challenges and memorable encounters. IGN has meticulously examined all the Devil May Cry games to compile a list of the ten best bosses of all time. From iconic battles to creative gameplay mechanics, these bosses have left a lasting impression on players worldwide. So, let’s dive into IGN’s top ten Devil May Cry bosses and relive the epic battles that have enthralled fans for years.

  1. Phantom – A Fiery Introduction:
    Phantom, the giant lava spider-scorpion, takes the number 10 spot. While not particularly tough, Phantom sets the tone for the entire series as the first enemy encountered. Its grotesque appearance and torments throughout the game make it a memorable introduction to the world of Devil May Cry.
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  2. Savior – Platforming and Patience:
    The fight against Savior, an iconic boss due to its scale, focuses more on platforming and patience than traditional combat. This challenging battle requires precise movement and strategic attacks. Using Yamato and even your pistols, Ebony and Ivory, players must persevere and deliver a god-like diamond drop to conquer this formidable opponent.
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  3. Mundus – A Cosmic Confrontation:
    Mundus, the antagonist in the first Devil May Cry, unleashes an assault of lightning, asteroids, and lasers. Dante retaliates by summoning a flaming dragon attack to bring the fight back down to earth. This battle showcases Dante’s determination and his resolve to protect Trish, making it a memorable showdown against a seemingly invincible foe.
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  4. Angelo Credo – Punches and Counters:
    Angelo Credo is known for his evolving forms and requires players to adapt their strategies accordingly. On harder difficulties, countering Credo’s attacks with well-timed punches adds an extra layer of challenge to the fight. The face-off intensifies as Dante confronts this relentless adversary in an exhilarating battle.
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  5. Agni and Rudra – A Humorous Encounter:
    Agni and Rudra, the fiery and icy duo, provide an entertaining boss fight. This battle incorporates humor, as the brothers argue about how to entertain their guests before engaging in combat. Dante’s skills and quick reflexes are put to the test in this dynamic fight, complete with fire and ice motifs.
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  6. Bob Barbas – Breaking the Fourth Wall:
    Bob Barbas, a boss encountered in the newer Devil May Cry installment, stands out with his unconventional appearance and gameplay mechanics. Players enter into a trippy limbo, facing a mix of bizarre creatures and news stories that momentarily disrupt the action. This imaginative boss fight challenges both your combat skills and your sanity.
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  7. Nightmare – A Creepy Challenge:
    Nightmare, a gigantic puddle of black goo, ranks as one of the most challenging and eerie bosses in Devil May Cry. Its ability to envelop players and transport them to hell adds an extra layer of horror to the encounter. Nightmare’s multiple forms and relentless attacks make it a formidable foe that players won’t soon forget.
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  8. Phantom – A Deadly Plant:
    Echidna, the giant demonic plant, proves to be a challenging and multifaceted boss. This fight requires players to adapt their strategies as Echidna changes shapes and spawns new enemies. Dante’s skills are put to the test as he battles this monstrous and memorable boss encounter.
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  9. Vergil – Dante’s Iconic Rival:
    Vergil, Dante’s iconic rival and brother, makes multiple appearances throughout the Devil May Cry series. Each encounter showcases Vergil’s impressive swordsmanship and his relentless pursuit of Dante. Whether facing off against Vergil or his alter ego, Nelo Angelo, players are treated to epic battles that highlight the bond between these formidable siblings.
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  10. The Ultimate Showdown:
    In the number one spot, IGN awards Vergil as the ultimate Devil May Cry boss. Vergil’s various forms and his intense sword maneuvers make him a worthy adversary for Dante. His battles with Dante have become iconic moments in the series, solidifying his position as one of the greatest bosses of all time.
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The Devil May Cry series has captivated gamers with its thrilling boss battles, and IGN’s top ten list showcases the very best of these encounters. From the first boss, Phantom, to the ultimate showdown against Virgil, each boss has left a lasting impression with their unique designs, challenging gameplay mechanics, and iconic moments. These bosses have elevated the Devil May Cry experience, delivering epic battles that have become legendary in the gaming world.

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